Our Humble Beginnings

Back in 2009, while practicing optometry in George, we learned that there were two brands that had massive market share in the sunglasses industry, namely Ray-Ban and Oakley. Almost all sportsmen on TV wore Oakley and the same could be said for actors wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses.

We started a store-in-store concept called the O Corner, focusing on all things Oakley. As time passed we also noticed that so many people came in and asked about replacing scratched lenses, worn out rubbers and broken frames. There was obviously a need in the market for Oakley spare parts.

The limitations of a brick-and-mortar store gave birth to the online store, and today it is a thriving company helping hundreds with their Oakley spares and new sunglasses.

The O Corner now focuses on Oakley Spares, Oakley Sunglasses, Oakley Apparel and Prescription glasses and sunnies.

The O-Corner is a shop-in-shop Oakley destination set within Bril Paarl.  Seeing the need for a wider range of Oakley’s being stocked locally, we set out to build this new shop-in-shop concept; our aim is to bring you the most current designs and styles from the Oakley Factory. We sell all things Oakley

Our people:

Werner Fourie: Prescription Expert

Rynhardt Maritz: Oakley Expert


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