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Oakley Spares Expert – Bradley

Bradley is a funny guy, always making jokes and lifting the spirits in our office. He is our in-house Oakley Expert with great knowledge about all the newest Oakley sunglasses, spares parts and clothing. Self-confessed Holbrook lover, Bradley is the right guy to ask anything regarding Oakley.

Oakley Prescription Eyewear Expert – Werner

Werner is our in-house optical expert. Optometrist by trade, nature lover by heart, Werner gives us the ability to offer the amazing Oakley Prescription Sunglasses and Oakley Optical Glasses. With their OTD (Oakley True Digital) technology, Oakley prescription sunglasses makes it easier to play golf, run, cycle or just relax in the outdoors while having clear comfortable vision.

Contact us today should you have any Oakley questions and we will be happy to assist. 


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