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Oakley Frogskins Lite Sunglasses – Violet Iridium Lens

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Influenced by sport and pop-culture, Frogskins? Lite is the next evolution of the brand?s most iconic lifestyle sunglass, the Frogskins. Sporting a classic semi-rimless frame design, it features Oakley?s leading performance technology to keep up with every on-the-go adventure.


Oakley went above and beyond with the introduction of the new Iridium tinted sunglasses. These new lenses have been proven to block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, with unmatched clarity, reduced distortion and no distractions.

The Iridium lens coatings allow your vision to adjust seamlessly across light conditions. By varying the degree of light saturation, Oakley Iridium can produce a spectrum of lens colours, tailoring transmission of the light through the lenses. Each lens coating is specifically formulated for optimum balance between glare, reflection and light.

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